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What is Homelessness:

This last year (2020) I was speaking with the VHHP (Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention) manager at CalVet (California Veterans Dept). He told me a story about a homeless Veteran who they put into the “Housing First” government program. In effect, they took a Homeless Veteran and put him into an apartment – no prerequisite, no rent, just make meetings and appointments (as a part of the program). This CalVet manager himself went to check on this Veteran, in his furnished apartment after about three months... this is what he found.

When he walked into the apartment he saw that all of this Veteran's belongings were being kept in a box and a back-pack. This Veteran, even after three months was sleeping on the floor, in a sleeping bag. When asked why, the Veteran replied that he may have to move at any moment and so he remained ready – to move. In his mind he was still on the streets; still homeless, insecure, and without permanence, self-worth, or future.

Government considers this Veteran “Sheltered” and so not included in the "Homeless" statistics.

Homeless does not only mean no roof; it is also, and perhaps more importantly a state-of-mind: it means a lack of self-worth, a lack of goals, no foreseeable opportunity, and no true sense of security, permanence, or of being a valued member of a Community.

Government programs are disjointed and have completely fallen short of providing Community and the Feelings of Self-Worth, Security and Opportunity - which are actually the essence of “Coming Home.”