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The Problem:

According to the Washington Post:

In 2013, then President Obama established a high profile National Goal:


“One of the biggest proposed increases in discretionary spending [for the VA] seeks to build on progress toward a high-profile goal: Eliminating Veterans' Homelessness by 2015."


So here are the numbers for those years: Homeless Veterans (according to HUD)

*2013; about 54,000:

*2014 about 50,000:

*2015 about 41,000:

*2016 about 40,000:

*2017 about 40,000:

*2018 about 40,000:

*2019 about 41,000:

*2020 about 41,000:

*2021 about 42,000

*2022 about 43,000?


Even though it looks like Pres. Obama reduced the number of Homeless Veterans between 2013 and 2015, all they really did was to just change the way they defined “Homelessness” which made it look as if the number had been reduced... but that's politics.


So in truth, nothing has really changed.



Another Example - in California:


California Governor Gavin Newsom is willing to spend up to $3 billion to fund his “Homeless Programs.”


According to the California Governor's own State Office of Legislative Analysis, “Governor Gavin Newsom's budget proposal likely won't have a meaningful impact on the nation's largest homeless population.”


So $3 billion of State Tax-Payers' money to be spent on Non-Solution government programs. That is a meaningless waste of tax payer dollars.


Homelessness continues to grow, not because of lack of money, it's just that people in Politics see everything through Political Eyeglasses and most of the programs they put into place (with Tax Payer money) are only Band-Aids that are temporary and not true, permanent Solutions.  It's like Doctors treating symptoms, rather than finding and treating the actual root cause.


The Homeless situation is not a political issue; it is actually more of a business issue which requires more of a Business Solution approach. Most politicians do not have any real Marketplace Business Experience... so it is left to us... those who do , and those who can!


The Politicians have spent billions of our tax dollars in their effort to resolve Veterans Homelessness, but with all the money they spend - all the “Programs” they develop and fund; with all the time they have had to resolve the issue of Veterans Homelessness, the evidence over the years shows that, without a doubt they have failed... Since Obama left office in 2016 nothing has really improved. Of course you can always find other Government statistics that show other numbers, both higher and lower (but that's just typical of the government, isn't it).


So since 2016 the numbers have slowly moved upwards and 42,000+ Veterans are still sleeping on sidewalks, under overpasses, behind the store, on the park bench, and in tents, boxes, and makeshift shelters.


Let's show all American Citizens how we, "The Vets task Force" get things done.

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