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Providing Security, Opportunity, Community, and a Pathway.

The thing that sets our approach apart from all others is the creation of Community and Continuity.  We accomplish this through what I call, "The Task Force Continuum."  This means that there is a continual flow of activities and actions; constant and continued relationships; achievable and accessible future goals; guaranteed residence, career, relationships, and income... and from these comes Love, Trust, and above all else, Confidence and Optimism.


Give a Man a fish and you feed him for a day...

Teach a Man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


Government likes to "Give" fish....

Our Program will "Teach" our Homeless Veterans How to Fish.

We Veterans have always done what others could not, would not, didn't care enough to, not brave enough to; not willing to sacrifice body, mind, and soul... but we did, and we do. We together can create Community, Opportunity, Future Goals, Security, and Self-Worth for the Homeless within our Ranks.


If there are 20 million of us Veterans in the USA, and 42,000 of us are homeless, then the rest of us should be able to take care of this Homeless situation ourselves.


“No Soldier Left Behind” - We, together are the solution... We Veterans; all 20 million of us.



Let me tell how we can bring our Homeless Brothers and Sisters, our Nations Forgotten Heroes home again.



If you haven't read the section titled “What is Homelessness” click here to read, then you will understand that Homelessness is as much mental/emotional as it is a physical location. Government seeks to address the physical but neglects, or can not figure out how to effectively address the mental/emotional aspects (Yes, Govt. provides counseling, but we're talking about something different).


But we can. The real basis for addressing these mental/emotional aspects is in creating Community; the feelings of belonging, of self-worth, of contribution, and of future opportunity.



We take these Vets out of the city and put them into good old Mother Nature. At this "Forest Homestead Facility" all personal needs will be met, along with vocational training, personal responsibilities, recreation, discussions, and a structured daily schedule. This is an 11 month residency.

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After completion of the 11 month residency and vocational training these Vets move into an “in town” apartment and begin a job along with the other Veterans (friends/class mates) who have also completed their residency and vocational training.



The Homestead Facility; the in-town apartment building they move into; and the businesses they work for are all owned by us, the Vets Task Force. This means that residency and training at the Forest Homestead Facility, in-town residency, job placement, continued friendships and future opportunities are guaranteed.

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After one year in the apartment, and one year on the job these Vets will have the option of staying with the Vets Task Force or going out on their own into the World. 



If these Veterans stay with the Task Force they will have the opportunity to move up into management, and eventually the potential to manage their own business. If they decide to go out on their own, the Vets Task Force is always their fall-back.  These Veterans will continue to receive regular Emails and communications regarding our activities.  


   In Short:

  1. Moving these Vets out of the city takes them out of what I call, the "Homeless Urban Environment." Personally, when I need to find solace; when I need to find Myself, I go into the woods, by the stream... other people go to the park, to the ocean, or to the desert. Most of us don't think about going into a cheap apartment in the city.

  2. Keeping these Veteran friends  together through Residency at the Homestead Facility, and continuing into town and on the job creates long term friendships, shared experiences, love and trust – the essence of Community.

  3. These Veterans will have responsibilities and will be accountable: structured daily schedule, vocational training, chores, discussion meetings, etc. Once in-town they must stay clean, meet their work schedule, pay their apartment rent, utilities, food, etc.

​      All designed to create a pathway and a model for a successful, independent life.

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